Choose from among four unique Paths, each of them chock full of custom content designed for your personal playstyle. Better get moving! This planet ain't gonna tame itself.


Featuring: Agent Voxine

Paths Gameplay


Brave the wilderness and discover the unknown!


Making maps has never been more fun... or more dangerous! Travel into the untamed wilds of Nexus and chart territory for your faction.


Nexus is chock full of secret places, and you'll find every one! Use a combination of technology and agility to access hidden locations!


The uncharted frontier awaits! Strike out into the great unknown, making sure to explore every last inch of the map. Cowards need not apply.


Exploring isn't just about climbing mountains. Sometimes you gotta gear up, buckle down, and get a job done. Skills definitely pay the bills.

Scavenger Hunt

Ancient artifacts? Check. Remote, inaccessible locations? Check. Fearless explorers who laugh in the face of danger? Oh yeah.

Staking Claim

Nexus ain't big enough for everyone, and second place sucks. So get out there, plant your flag, and claim this planet for your allies.


Get your secret agent on! There's a war out there, and you need to set up remote surveillance devices to keep an eye on the enemy.


Ready to hunt? Track enemies, creatures and strange anomalies through the unforgiving terrain of planet Nexus. Epic rewards? You know it.


Slaughter your enemies and conquer territory!


Ever dreamed of being a hit man? Channel your inner assassin as you track down targets, put them in your sights, and rack up the body counts!


Most problems can be solved with the right amount of explosives. Blow stuff up using bombs, grenades and other weapons of mass destruction. BOOM!

Rescue Op

Listen up, Soldier! We have civilians that have been taken hostage by the enemy, and we need you to get 'em out of there! Are we clear? Get moving!


SWAT: Special Weapons And Tactics. Know what it really means? Shiny new toys! Test advanced military hardware on your foes. Mercy? Not part of the equation.

Holdout - Conquer

Are you ready to lock, load, and start taking care of business? Defend your territory against waves of hostile enemies. No guts, no glory!

Holdout - Security

No one likes a thief. That's where you come in. Defend your loot against dirty underhanded criminals, and crack some skulls with the hammer of justice!

Holdout - First Strike

Hit 'em hard, and hit 'em fast! Strike your targets and destroy them before they call in reinforcements, then bask in the glow of your badassitude!

Holdout - Protect

Being a hero ain't easy... but it's time to step up. Defend allies against incoming waves of hostiles, ensuring they survive another day!


Tame the land and expand your influence!


That town ain't going to improve itself. So step up, strap on a toolbelt, and get to work building things that make everyone's life a little easier.

Civil Defense

Town guards can handle the small stuff. But when the biggest, meanest monsters on Nexus come a-knockin', you'll step up and save the day!

Supply Cache

Who has time to sit around and wait for vital supplies to show up on a platter? Put on those boots and bring home the bacon!


Are you ready for some serious real estate development? Then do your civic duty and build hospitals, taverns, and spaceports for your friends and allies.

Public Service

Some people just don't have the grit and backbone to get the job done. Good thing you do. Achieve tasks for the greater good, and get rewarded for it.


Study the world and unlock secrets!


Time to put that big brain of yours to work! Whether it's a bug-eyed monster or the enemy's databanks, it's up to you to scan it.


The Eldan left behind a whole planet full of awesome. So start scanning those relics, robots, and radical machines!


Nexus is home to the craziest critters this side of the Fringe! You and your trusty scanbot better get crackin'.


Studying plants on Nexus is cool. Especially when those plants are trying to chew your face off. Stopping to smell the flowers? Not recommended.


Knowledge is power. Which is good, because Nexus has a lot of knowledge that needs to be collected and catalogued. Time to power up!


Nexus is full of exotic materials and alien compounds just waiting to be studied. Are some of them ridiculously dangerous? No doubt about it.


You're a scientist, and that means you can fix stuff. Whether it's a broken leg or a busted bot, you'll diagnose the problem and take care of it.

Field Study

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of hostile alien lifeforms? You do. Study behavior patterns among the natives. And try not to get killed.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a class and a path?

Picking a Class is choosing the way you like to fight. Are you a gunslinger, a squishy healer, or meatshield? Picking your Path is choosing your playstyle. Do you like to explore dangerous places, kill enemies, or study things? Make a choice, and we'll make sure you get lots of what you like.

Is there a difference between Path content and other kinds of content?

Path content is specially designed to support particular playstyles. Are you a lorehound? Sure, everyone gets to learn some lore in WildStar, but the Scientist really gets to dig in to the nitty-gritty. Maybe building and socializing is your bag? Then choose a Settler, and construct unique objects and buildings for your buddies on Nexus.

Do I get credit for joining in other players' path missions?

Yes. We call it "Crossing Paths", and you get rewards for doing it. So get out there and lend a helping hand!

What happens if I skip Path quests and Path content?

Nothing. Path content is not required in order to level. That being said, you'll be missing out on some of the coolest content in the game. We wouldn't recommend it.

Why should I give a damn about Paths? Do I get stuff?

All kinds of stuff! As you level your Path throughout the game, you get special abilities, loot, costumes and cash. Sounds pretty awesome, right? It is.

Can I respec my Path?

Currently? No. Like your Class, your Path is a permanent and defining aspect of your character. But you can always roll an alt or two!

How did you come up with these Paths?

Have you heard of Bartle types? Our Paths are loosely based on those. But mainly we just looked at the ways players play MMOs, and designed cool content around them.

I like killing, exploring, lore and building! Why can't I do all of them?

You can and will! Standard quest content will contain little bits of all of them. Don't worry! We've got you covered.