Truly Free™ breaks the shackles of limited gameplay and invites you to enjoy the full game world as it was meant to be experienced. Lineage® II: Goddess of Destruction™ will provide you with all the tools you need to propel yourself to the heights of power and beyond. This is the best value in MMOs today!

How is this possible?

NCSOFT provides you with three essential features:

No Account Restrictions: All players can now go from a level 1 neophyte to a level 99 deity with no restrictions on where they may go or what they may do in-game. Everyone is equal in the transformed world of Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction!

Path to Awakening: As you journey to glory you will be guided along a clear path of attainable goals and given rewards for achieving those goals. This web guide will be your constant companion as you rise through the ranks.

Exploration Packages: For those who want to reach their destiny even faster we offer three levels of item support packages in our web store. Your hastened progress through the world will be well worth these deals!

Path to Awakening helps you quickly progress to your destiny

Receive rewards at key milestones in the game to help you progress to higher levels faster than ever.

Path to Awakening is a new web based system that will reward you for your game progression and provide free items to help you level up faster than ever before. You’ll also be introduced to key gameplay systems so you can maximize your Lineage II experience.

Truly Free allows you to Play your Way

Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction is completely free, with the option to buy store items.

Unlike other recent MMO ‘Free to Play’ conversions, Lineage II Truly Free does not burden you with gameplay restrictions like blocked features or content, limited character slots, or level caps. Play the game from level 1 - 99 without spending a dime or purchase* items from the store that suite your play style and budget to enhance your experience.
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* Remaining prepaid game time will be converted to NCoin at launch.

Goddess of Destruction delivers a Revamped Lineage II

The largest Lineage II content update ever will support you at every level!

Lineage II has evolved with a revamp of existing content, all-new high level content and the introduction of the Truly Free business model with the launch of Goddess of Destruction. Follow the Path to Awakening from the new starting zone to experience rapid progression through three class transfers on your way to Awakening. At level 85, Awaken to one of the eight new classes with unique skills to advance your game experience and take on new challenges. With over 30 new hunting grounds, 60 new raid bosses, 400 new weapons and armor and more, the largest content update ever to this immersive fantasy MMORPG maximizes your fun.
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Get Acquainted with the Grand Dame of MMOs

Lineage II has been around for over 7 years, and Goddess of Destruction incorporates all the content created during that time in addition to the all new high level content. Many MMOs since have borrowed system and gameplay elements from Lineage II over the

years, but you can now play the one of the originals in a completely revitalized game world. Experience the grandest MMO, now Truly Free! The most compelling world of all is now available to you for free!